Entrance to Stonewood Garden: Before and After

Lest you think the garden sprung fully-formed like Athena leaping from Zeus’ head – already full-grown and armed – here are 2 very early photos (below) of the property.  You see the driveway in the same location as the photos above. There were no gardens to speak of when we moved in – just grassy fields to the west of the drive and woods to the east.  But as the tiller and bird bath attest – we were already planning our vision.

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Japanese Tea House in the Fall

How appropriate that the red leaves from the Japanese maples have fallen onto the mossy roof of the Japanese tea house. There is still alot of color despite the freakish October snow!

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Japanese Lanterns

The beauty of a lantern carved from granite provides an exclamation mark along the path to the Japanese Tea House.  A slightly different view shows a yellow tint as the day winds down to late afternoon and the garden slows as we head into autumn.

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Poppies Galore

Eggs and Poppy

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Gardens Need Rainy Days

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Places to Pause

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Japanese Tea House

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A Look at the Koi Pond

Kim – God of the Koi

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Pattern Upon Pattern

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The Succulent Greenhouse

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